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A Chatbot is an application offering services to a user via human-like communication facilities such as text or speech. The user interacts with it using normal phrases such as “hello” or “how’s the weather in Beirut?” and the Chatbot answers accordingly in a similar, human-like conversational style; it can query things like the weather or…
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AgriSmart is an Artificial Intelligence-based solution that enables detection, monitoring and control over very long distance of a wide variety of key agricultural data such as: Soil temperature and moisture Weather, rainfall and water quality Airborne pollution Crop growth Livestock position, condition and feed levels Smart connected harvesters and irrigation equipment Fire, theft and flood…
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Customized Servicing Solutions (AI)

In order to participate in the market’s digital transformation, and to help companies move to using technology and AI in their day-to-day business, we are creating customized servicing solutions based mainly on artificial intelligence and machine learning to answer the companies’ business needs. These projects are ongoing and we’ve been working on many solutions (both…
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Automatic Email System

Automatic Email System (or AES) is a artificial intelligence-based solution that enables automatic replies to received email. AES analyzes all queries that are integrated within the email, understands it, and then replies to each one of them and consolidates the answers in one professional email. Please follow and like us:

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